Neuro-angiography workshop concludes


LAHORE – The installation of the state-of-the-art neuro-angiography machine at Lahore General Hospital (LGH) is a revolutionary step which has enabled the doctors to treat and repair the veins of the brain without opening the skull, medical experts said in the concluding ceremony of a two-day training workshop of neuro-angiography at the LGH on Sunday.
Previously doctors conducted long operations for cerebral arterio-venous malformations which took a long time for healing the wound. During the workshop, renowned neuron radiologist from England, Dr Peter Keston, conducted the procedure through neuro-angiography machine and demonstrated practical formation for the training of local doctors.
LGH Neuro Radiology Department Head Prof Dr Anjum Habib Vohra, Dr Umair Rasheed, Dr Shehzad Kareem, LGH MS Dr Salahuddin Khan and other doctors from different hospitals including Sheikh Zaid Hospital, Shoukat Khanum Hospital also attended the workshop.
PGMI Principle and LGH Prof Dr Tariq Salahuddin, while addressing the workshop, said that on the CM’s direction, neuro-angiography machine was installed in LGH at a cost of Rs 200 million and it is the first machine of its kind in any public sector hospital across the country.
He said that the three-dimensional-cerebral-angiography done through the machine will enable health professionals to diagnose and treat clots, tumors and hemorrhages with minimum radiation exposure, thus improving pre and post operative care.
He hoped that patient suffering from strokes owing to blood clots in the vessels of the brain will benefit through earlier deduction and dissolution of the clots. He said that coiling of leaking blood vessels of the brain could also be done with the help of the equipment.