A confused society


The incident of assassination that claimed the life of Governor Punjab, Mr Salmaan Taseer points towards a confused society.

This is clearly evident from the opinions of the general public. Religious beliefs misinterpreted by mullahs have actually resulted in this bewilderment. People are regarding the killer as a hero, similar to Ghazi Ilm-ud-din Shaheed, who killed a Hindu for desecrating the Holy Prophet (PBUH) in United India. It should be noted that at that time, the circumstances were different and the people were bound to follow the British Law, which of course had no blasphemy law in it. Now we have our constitution and a law that deals with such cases and no one is allowed to take matters in his own hands.

However, none of the religious leaders have condemned the incident so far that shows their inhumane behaviour towards Gods creation. Islam being a religion teaches its followers to respect the law of the state in which they are residing. Pakistan is not only a state but an Islamic state then how could the killer commit such an act? This is the result of confusions created by misinterpretations and exploitation of religion and its true values.