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Qadri lied about being tortured

ISLAMABAD – The administration of the Pakistan Institute of Medical Sciences on Friday handed over the Punjab governor’s killer Malik Mumtaz Qadri’s medical examination report to the Kohsar Police Station that rejected Qadri’s claims that he had been tortured in police custody.
Sources in the hospital told Pakistan Today that Qadri was brought to the hospital late on Thursday for a check up. According to his examination report there was no sign of torture on his body and he appeared to be fit. There was a dark mark on Qadri’s abdomen but the report confirmed that that scar was not fresh.
According to court orders, a six-member team of doctors from DHQ hospital Rawalpindi conducted a medical examination on the assassin.
Meanwhile, Qadri is intriguingly being glorified as a video showing him reciting naats in police custody has been posted on YouTube. Qadri had been remanded to police for interrogation.
The video shows the policemen sitting with him praising his renditions, suggesting how respectfully he was being treated while in custody. A police source said Qadri was being given special treatment at the police station. It is understandable that his video has been made and released for posting on the YouTube by none other than the police officials deputed to interrogate him.

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