‘MPs’ role crucial to remove Indo-Pak trust deficit’


ISLAMABAD – The Indo-Pak parliamentarians’ dialogue in Islamabad concluded on Friday, with both sides issuing a joint declaration that recognised the parliamentarians’ importance in removing the trust deficit between the two countries.
The parliamentarians held constructive, candid and comprehensive dialogue, agreeing that the trust deficit could be removed by building on commonalities and positives, with a view to resume bilateral dialogue and promoting a people’s movement for peace and reconciliation. In order to do so, they agreed on the need for a follow-up mechanism, which should serve as a focal point and continue to provide support and assistance to the process. It was agreed that presiding officers of the parliaments of the two countries would be briefed about the outcome of the Islamabad meeting and would be requested to offer advice on a follow-up mechanism.
They agreed that the parliamentarians, who represent the public interest, would be able to suggest practical steps for promoting and sustaining the dialogue by addressing outstanding issues. One of the possible ways of doing so could be that PILDAT and PRC in India or a similar body could be asked to serve as a co-coordinating agency to help facilitate such a dialogue.
The dialogue would reflect the interest of the people of Pakistan and India to benefit from enormous opportunities that become available through mutual cooperation.