PML-Q will not let current system derail: Pervaiz


LAHORE – Former Punjab chief minister and Pakistan Muslim League-Quaid’s (PML-Q) senior leader Parvez Elahi has said that his party will not let the present system derail and continue to strive for the national solidarity, good governance, strong democratic values and elimination of poverty.
He said this in a meeting held at his residence in Islamabad with the party leaders from Rawalpindi, Jehlum and Attock on thursday.
He added that the party had always upheld national interests above all other interests and there was complete consensus in the party ranks on this principle.
He said that the PML leadership gave importance to democratic values and refused to bow down in front of political blackmailing.
He added that his party came out with clear views both inside as well as outside the Parliament on the issues including General Sales Tax (GST), National Reconciliation Ordinance (NRO) and the name of Khyber Pakhtunkwa.
He said the Punjab government had compromised on vital national and provincial interests to remain in power and added that to achieve this end, PML-N had also set up a “lota” manufacturing factory at Jaati Umra.
He further said that PML-N could not deceive the people any more as
they were well aware of its
hypocritical politics.