Parent’s negligence


Parents negligence is the cause of moral decline among children especially in teenagers. Parents do not pay much attention on their children due to their own busy life and they just ignore their children that what they are doing and on which path they are going weather it is right or wrong for him/her.

I think that parents don’t put in enough time with their children and don’t really know what’s going on in their lives and the issues that affect them. Also, I think that parents are lazy with discipline and seem to be afraid of their children. If parents don’t discipline their children, children will never respect anyone as parents are the first authority figures a child encounters. Aside from negligence, I think a lot of parents are just lazy disciplinarians and don’t understand how important it is to instill respect in their children at a young age.

It is the liability of parents if they are negligent in failing to supervise or train young children, especially in cases where the absence of supervision or training has led a child to cause damage to others. Parents are not liable for their children’s torts, but in the case of minor child, a parent can be vicariously liable for the torts of a child employed as a servant or agent on ordinary principles of vicarious liabilities.

Parents are not legally responsible for their children’s crimes, although they may have to pay for it. Thus, it is best that parents exercise caution where there children and their actions are concerned.