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Fog and cold wave affect daily life in KP

PESHAWAR – Severe cold waves and fog have hit the daily life activities in most parts of Khyber Pakhtunkhwa particularly in the central region known as Peshawar Valley.
The people are facing serious problems as the major highways are either temporarily suspended for traffic or completely closed for several hours.
Movements in the province are restricted and people from northern areas and nearby districts Mardan, Charsadda, Swabi, Nowshera and Hazara are planning to travel to Peshawar owing to the prevailing weather conditions.
Officials in the regional Met office forecast that the cold waves and fog would continue for the next couple of days.
Peshawar-Islamabad Motorway and Grand Trunk Road via Nowshera connect Peshawar with the rest of the districts in the province and the motorway police are restricting traffic flow on these two major roads to avoid any untoward incident.
The traffic accidents have increased due to the foggy weather and motorists and public transporters are also avoiding using these roads.
The gas pressure is also very low in the provincial capital and other districts of the province, some local residents informed Pakistan Today.
Muhammad Amin from Swat told Pakistan Today that he came to Peshawar for a medical check up and it was difficult to return so he was staying in the city for the last three days to take appointment from
the doctor.
Many people from Upper Dir and Chitral had also been stuck up in the city since the closure of Lowari Tunnel and they were staying in Peshawar till the clearing of the

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