Top prayer leaders deny Taseer his rites


LAHORE – A controversy arose at Punjab Governor Salman Taseer’s funeral prayer when reportedly the khateebs of Badshahi Mosque and Data Darbar Mosque, and the Imam of the Governor’s House mosque refused to lead the prayer on Wednesday.
The funeral prayer at the Governor’s House was scheduled for 1 pm but was delayed by almost an hour owing to the khateebs’ refusal to lead the last rituals.
As per the plan, the Badshahi Mosque khateeb had to lead the funeral prayer but at the eleventh hour he refused to do so and then reportedly the Data Darbar mosque khateeb was contacted to perform the service, but he too excused saying that he was not in the city. Similarly the imam of the mosque at Governor’s House presented an excuse that Taseer never offered prayer in his lead.
Sources told Pakistan Today that the Jamaat-e-Ahl-e-Sunnat Pakistan had allegedly asked the clerics not to lead Taseer’s funeral prayer. At this critical stage, the Pakistan People’s Party (PPP) Punjab Ulema Wing Secretary General Allama Afzal Chishti was asked to lead the funeral prayers, which he led at the garden inside the Governor’s House at 2:00 pm.