Questions on dams


There is a lot of talk that Kalabagh dam could not have controlled the super floods of 2010.

Since Kalabagh dam could not have controlled the super floods, although it will moderate the normal annual floods, should we stop building dams? Where will we get additional water for our increasing irrigation needs?

How will we manage the spiralling food inflation? Will there be enough power for our industries and at what cost? Will the economy be able to sustain shutting down of more industries and the consequent loss of jobs? Will we keep paying through our nose for domestic power consumption?

Australia is experiencing very heavy floods right now. Will they shut down their 300 small and large dams because they did not control the floods? Will they not go on utilising them to get ample, affordable power from them and water for their irrigation needs as well as for normal flood control?

We must learn from what the other nations in our region are doing. Has India stopped adding to their 5000 small and large dams because they don’t control heavy floods, displace population and submerge land? Have their assemblies passed resolutions against dams?