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Qadri was declared unfit for sensitive protocol duty

ISLAMABAD – The appointment of Mumtaz Qadri in the security detail squad of slain Punjab Governor Salmaan Taseer has raised many questions, as the killer had been declared unfit for the sensitive job of protecting VIPs by police seniors. Pakistan Today has learnt that former SSP Special Branch Nasir Khan Durrani had advised the department not to put Qadri in security detail of any VIP due to his extreme religious inclination. A source in the police said, “They considered Qadri a security risk”.
However, no one paid heed to Durrani’s advice and Qadri continued to be serve in the security detail of the governor. It was his sixth duty with the slain governor’s security squad.
This time, Qadri personally got his name included in the security detail and no one in the department suspected the eagerness.
The incident has also exposed the training level of security officials, as according to standard operating procedures, they are required to stay out of the vehicles until the VIP gets inside. An eye-witness said only Qadri was standing on the road and other security personnel were sitting in their vehicles.
“Had they followed the SOP, Qadri would have been instantly checked when he opened fire,” he said.

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