Punjab governor’s murder – 2,000 guards of Sindh VVIPs sent back to head offices


KARACHI – Over 2,000 security personnel deployed with VVIPs of Sindh have been sent back to their head offices, while the personal details of more than 1,000 personnel of law enforcement agencies will be sent to intelligence agencies for vetting, Pakistan Today has learnt.
According to the data of the Home Department, important personalities of Sindh enjoy the security of more than 8,000 police personnel and 4,000 personnel of other intelligence agencies. The assassination of Punjab Governor Salmaan Taseer struck a (security) chord among VVIPs of Sindh, however, and they have requested authorities to screen the personal details of all security guards.
The Home Department in turn has decided to compile a list of law enforcement agencies’ personnel who have been affiliated with a religious party in the past.
A list of more than 1,013 law enforcers has been prepared by the Home Department, and this will now be sent to different intelligence agencies for screening purposes. “The personnel of police, special police and intelligence agencies will follow the screening process,” sources claimed. “No action will be taken against them, but they would not be permitted on security duty for any VVIP.”
Sources said that during the last 24 hours, some security guards from the Bilawal House, Sindh Assembly and some other buildings frequented by VIPs have been redeployed elsewhere. “Some ministers and other VIPs have also requested the Home Department to screen their guards’ data,” the sources said.
Many important figures of Sindh have decided to trust and rely only on their private guards, but a few guards of law enforcement agencies will stay with them for emergency and backup purposes.
“Some unexpected decisions regarding VVIPs’ security might be taken in the near future by the government,” the sources revealed.