On the murder-9


I deeply mourn the sad demise of Governor Salmaan Taseer and share the grief of their family and near ones. May his soul rest in peace!

But I am so worried on the deliberate showing of live transmission made by some TV channels of PPP workers raising slogans against the Punjab Government and Nawaz Sharif. They are also showing them putting things on fire. It looks a deliberate attempt to incite trouble in country and politicise the issue. I would urge to stop this approach towards the journalism on such delicate issues.

No PPP leader is advising its workers to remain peaceful and they seem to politicise the issue for making politics over dead bodies. The PPP leadership wants further sympathy votes as they did on the assassination of Benazir Bhutto. They are not interested in catching the criminals as no result has come to fore even after three years. Let no TV channel incite anarchy in the country already torn by hatred and fanaticism.