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Akshay’s scared of playing a Sardar!

After running into controversy during ‘Singh Is Kinng’, Akshay has decided not to tread the path again. Ever since the trailers of ‘Patiala House’ went on air, many have been wondering about why Akshay Kumar is sans a turban despite belonging to a Sikh family. In the film, Rishi Kapoor plays a Sardar and Akshay’s father.
Whereas Akshay’s character ‘Gattu’ has short hair, no turban and no beard which are a typical of Sardars. This comes as a surprise with reports that Akshay’s character in the film is based on England’s cricketer Monty Panesar.
When we probed into the deal, we learnt that the actor didn’t want to run into any kind of controversy and hence decided to play a Mona-Sardar in the film. It can be recalled that Akshay faced trouble during ‘Singh is Kinng’ when large groups of Sardars staged protests against Akshay for incorrectly portraying a Sardar.
This time around to avoid any such undue conflict, Akshay requested director Nikhil Advani to change the script, and show his character as a Mona-Sardar. The script originally had Akshay’s character as a Sardar; however Akshay explained his predicament
to Nikhil.

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