Severe cold and gas shortage irks hostelites | Pakistan Today

Severe cold and gas shortage irks hostelites

LAHORE – Hostelites are facing major problems due to severe cold and gas shortage including shortage of food, cold water for bathing and chilly rooms, as gas heaters have become useless, Pakistan Today has learnt. Shazia, a student, said that she was forced to eat from outside, as gas was not available in her hostel.
She said that gas shortage has proved to be an additional financial burden on her and severe cold has also decreased students’ mobility, especially of females. Another hostelite Haseeb Bajwa said that he was not getting quality food on the university campus due to gas shortage while Punjab University (PU) hostels were already very old.
He said that he had planned to buy an electric heater to cope with severe cold, but their prices were out of students’ reach. PU hostelite Safdar said that he had to go back home this weekend but was unable to return due to diarrhea. Another student Maryam said that it was extremely difficult to study in severe cold, as hostelites were already deprived of heating facilities. She said that students were also facing a problem of hot water shortage. Maryam said that one of her friends fell ill after bathing with cold water.

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