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PA again hit by quorum problem

LAHORE – The Punjab Assembly, on its first day of the 22nd session, again faced the quorum issue pointed out by the opposition member Dr Samia Amjad at the time when the adjournment motions were being responded by the law minister on Friday.
Speaker Rana Muhammad Iqbal asked for the counting and later directed to ring the bells for five minutes but the result was the same, owing to which, he adjourned the house till Monday afternoon.
At this point, the law minister said that it happened for the first time that during the adjournment motion some member pointed out the quorum.
The Punjab Assembly proceedings started under the chairmanship of Speaker Rana Muhammad Iqbal and the secretary announced the names for the panel of the chairmen on the directions of the speaker.
According to the announcement, Dr Asad Ashraf, Mian Yawar Zaman, Sardar Muhammad Amanullah Dreshak and Syeda Bushra Gardezi were named for the panel of the chairmen.
Soon after the announcement, the leader of the opposition in Punjab Assembly Chaudhary Zaheer on a point of order stated that across the country, the protest is being staged against the proposed amendment in the Blasphemy Law. On this, the law minister, on behalf of the government, assured the house that no amendment would be made in the blasphemy law.
Later the speaker took up the question hour session about the Transport and Tourism and the parliamentary secretaries to both the departments desponded to the queries of the members of the political parties.
Tourism Secretary Rana Arshad admitted that owing to the terrorism, the industry was facing serious losses and there was a major decline of the visitors to the tourist places but he failed in answering the question about the income and the expenditure.
He also failed to respond about the allocation of Rs 7 million for the renovation and up-gradation of the same resort.
Transport Secretary Khurram Gulfam was also not updated about the performance of his own department and failed to inform the house about the use of the recovery made by the town administration. After the question hour session, the opposition member Dr Samia Amjad drew the attention of the house towards the less quantity of the packed food stuff like chips, milk, ghee etc and demanded a comprehensive check on all such food items.
On this, law minister informed the house that the government was about to introduce a comprehensive legislation not only against the adulteration but also to ensure the quality and proper weight.
On the failure of the constitutional requirement, the speaker adjourned the house proceedings till Monday afternoon.

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