MTFC appoint Khaled as coach


LAHORE – Model Town Football Club (MTFC) have appointed Khaled Khan, silver medalist for Punjab in 1992 National Games, as coach, replacing Qasim Raza (WAPDA) and interim coach Daniel Gill. “MTFC is well-equipped with infrastructure, latest facilities and have a scientific approach towards the game, and that will help me a lot.
I’m happy and grateful to be a part of the oldest club of Lahore,” said Khalid, who was a key player for Punjab, Lahore, Wohaib FC and MTFC from 1991 to 2006. Khalid is a qualified coach who completed AFC C-Certificate Football Coaching Course at Lahore under Siddiq Sheikh in 2006. He is a strong candidate for next year’s AFC B-Certificate Course.
“It is vital that a highly qualified coach oversees the needs of players, teachers and the club’s other coaches. Good players need good coaches. The most important quality of a coach is enthusiasm. Players respond brilliantly to an eager and hard working coach.
MTFC monitored Khaled’s coaching skills during various assignments and decided to appoint him for MTFC and Group-D, having players of age 14-17,” said MTFC’s President Mian Rizwan Ali.