Ibrar Mumtaz wins Punjab Club elections


Lahore – Members of the Punjab Club elected members to the committee of management through voting which continued for three days, concluding on Friday.
According to details, a total of 13 candidates were in the race for eight seats of members to the committee of management. There are 300 members eligible to cast their votes in the Punjab Club. The voting continued for three days, with one hour every day.
According to final results, Ibrar Mumtaz bagged maximum number of votes 132, followed by Farooq A Khan who got 116 votes. Wasif Ali Khan stood third with 113 votes. Farooq Ali Khan got 110 votes, Jehangir Monoo 104 votes, Khalid Ameer Khan 99 votes, Muneeb Dar 96 votes and Tajamul Bokhari getting 94 votes and becoming the eights member to the committee of management.
A member seeking anonymity further informed that each member can cast a maximum of six votes. According to the final count, 217 votes were cast in total out of 300 registered votes. The member further informed that the club still retains the decency of old times and that is why three days have been marked for voting, with one hour every day. He said the committee further elects the chairman from amongst the newly elected members.


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