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Cold wave continue to disrupt life

ISLAMABAD – The upper parts of the country were in the grip of foggy conditions as the traffic on the motorway and other highways was stopped due to non-visibility, a private TV channel reported on Saturday.
Quoting an unnamed official of the Met Office, the channel reported that the current rain/snowfall spell was likely to weaken within two days and upper parts will again experience cold weather in the coming days. Sindh and Balochistan will also remain in the grip of cold wave during the next two days.
The channel reported that the foggy conditions have affected the vehicular traffic as dense fog over the different motorway sectors disturbed the transport. The movement on the highways was blocked at several places due to invisibility.
The Met Office said that rain and snowfall was expected in Quetta valley and other parts on Saturday night, as a system is penetrating into the area from adjoining Iran. The channel reported that the dry cold spell reduced minimum (night) temperature to minus 10 Celsius, and water freeze in taps, streets, roads and drains, causing difficulties for the people.

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