Robina urges women to participate in sports


LAHORE – The newly-elected PFF Women’s Committee Chairperson Robina Irfan congratulated national champions Young Rising Star and Diya Women FC for getting full memberships along with Islamabad Football Association, Chaman’s Afghan FC and PMC Atheltico Faisalabad.
She hailed the efforts of PFF President Faisal Saleh Hayat for women’s soccer and termed it “a great landmark”.
“Countries like Pakistan are free to promote women’s soccer within the limits of their culture and religion. FIFA gave the freedom to the individual countries to develop this sport among their womenfolk within the prescribed parameters of their culture and religion,” said Robina.
Robina urged sportswomen to participate in healthy outdoor activities for the development and enhancement of their mental and physical capabilities. She hoped that banks, services and teams like PIA, KRL, PEL etc will form women’s teams for the further enhancement of women’s football in this part of the world, and added that physically healthy players actively participate in the development of the country and the uplift of the people. The birth of organizational teams will help PFF make its mind for the Pakistan Premier Women’s Football League in the near future, she added.
Robina stressed on the need for more seminars on development of football, and called for full-time women staff to deal with the issues of referees, administrators, coaches and players in order to promote women’s football.