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First mosque in South Asia lies in ‘ruins’

THATTA – The Jamia Masjid of Banbhor, which is said to be the first mosque of South Asia was built in 8th century AD after the conquest of Sindh by Arab warrior Muhammad Bin Qasim.
It is located among the ruins of centuries-old city of Bhanbhor, in Thatta district. The ancient city is associated with Muhammad Bin Qasim and the legendary love-story of Sassui-Punhoon, which great poet Shah Abdul Latif Bhittai sung in his poetry.
The historical ruins are gradually being worn down due to increasing sea-level after the drastic reduction in river-flows at downstream Kotri. Some historians believe that the ruins of Bhanbhor are the actual location of famous Debal Bunder, due to which Sindh is called as Babul-Islam (the door of Islam). -text and photo by Amar Guriro

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