Compensation for accident victims jacked up


Lahore – Punjab government has increased the compensation amount in case of injury and death to a passenger in road accidents and has amended the ‘Motor Vehicle Ordinance 1965’ for the purpose. The government will introduce ‘Provincial Motor Vehicle (Amendment) Bill 2010’ in the Punjab Assembly’s forthcoming meeting for the new compensation schedule.
The new compensation amount will be applicable on those motorists who carry not more than six passengers and the compensation amount will pay the driver, permit holder or the owner of the vehicle, to the passenger or the legal heirs of the passenger.
A senior official of the Punjab Assembly said that standing committee on transport has passed the amended bill and it will present in the house in the coming meeting. The new compensation amount will enforce when provincial assembly will pass the amended bill, sources added.
The artificial limb expert and Hope Rehabilitation Society President Dr Khalid Niazi welcomed the government’s decision to increase the compensation amount in road accidents. He said existing compensation schedule had introduce in 1978 and after a lapse of 32 years it was necessary to revise the compensation amount in case of death and injury to passengers patricianly in the wake of increasing road accidents. He said increasing the compensation amount for disability was necessary because the prices of artificial limbs were sky rocketing.
Dr Niazi said federal government was charging the custom duty and taxes on the import of material for artificial limbs more 40 percent, and if government gives special relief on the items for disable persons, the prices of artificial limbs may come down.


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