Fazl asks UN to implement Kashmir resolutions


ISLAMABAD – Parliamentary Committee on Kashmir Chairman Maulana Fazlur Rehman on Monday urged the United Nations to move its machinery for implementing the resolutions on the Kashmir issue.
Lauding the resolution recently passed by the UN in support of right to self-determination in support of the nations subjected to occupation by other countries, the Maulana asked the world body to ensure implementation of its resolutions on Kashmir also.
In a statement, the Kashmir Committee chairman said India which had defied the resolutions of the UN Security Council was desirous of becoming its permanent member.
“It is not only a joke but also insult of this august body as India doesn’t simply qualify to hold an important position of the body whose resolutions or orders it has defied,” he said and added the UN should close its doors to India until it obeyed its resolutions.
The Kashmir Committee chairman said Kashmiris had been subjected to slavery by India against their wishes. “Therefore, the occupied Kashmir is a fit case of this resolution.