Ciro’s Polo Cup rolls into action


LAHORE – As many as four matches of the Ciro’s Pizza Pomodoro Polo Cup were decided here at the Lahore Polo Club on Monday.
Some teams took full advantage of the handicap while others failed to put up a fight. Soneri Bank won with half-a-goal margin after going six-all in the field against Dollar East. Punjab Carpet too won by identical margin over Monnoo Foods after both the teams scored 7 goals each.
Lahore Garrison beat The President’s Bodyguard after they sneaked into their rival’s danger zone seven times and allowed them to enter their goal zone for the same number with Lahore Garrison winning by half-a-goal advantage. In the last encounter of the day, Rijas, which just on last Sunday won the Treet Cup, beat First Law by eight goals to seven when the losing side have two goals handicap.
Ahmed Khan, Raja Arsalan Najeeb, Muhammad Usman Malik fought till the end while Sufi Muhammad Aamir and Ahmad Nawaz Tiwana did their best to go even with their rivals Soneri Bank.
Mian Khurrum Munir, Taimur Mawaz Khan and Khawaja Waleed Zubair faced tough resistance from Saqib Khan Khakwani, Babar Monnoo and Shah Shamyl Alam in Punjab Carpet’s win over Monnoo Foods 7