BB’s murder


It is unfortunate that after three years of Benazir Bhuttos murder the affair still remains a mystery. That this should happen with the PPP ruling the country is all the more worrisome. Many had hoped that with the resources at the disposal of the government, there would finally be breakthrough providing answers to a number of disturbing questions. Within months of the two attacks on Musharraf, security agencies had succeeded in discovering the culprits and in bringing them to the law. In the case of Benazir, all responsibility has been put on Baitullah Mehsud who later died in a drone attack. Even if the man who had denied the charge soon after it was made, was behind the conspiracy, he did not move the trigger himself nor did he cause the blast which presumably killed her. The identity of the man seen to be firing on Benazir remains unknown as does that of the bomber who detonated the suicide jacket. Who were the people who acted as the handlers of these men who actually committed the murder? Were the police officers who destroyed the evidence solely responsible for the act or they too were working under somebody elses instructions? Why was no autopsy conducted despite this being a legal requirement? How come the doctor who examined the wound of Benazir Bhutto when brought to the general hospital, and was thus a key witness, managed to leave the country without the governments permission? The murder was the result of a well thought out conspiracy involving numerous people at different steps. There is a need to identify all these characters and punish the masterminds. That PPP workers should have raised slogans at Garhi Khuda Bux for the arrest of the culprits was by no means unusual.

The enquiries conducted by Scotland Yard and the UN appointed commission did not have the mandate to point out the real culprits. To do the needful, the FIA has conducted an enquiry of its own.

We are told the final report on Benazirs murder is in the government hands now and it will be released after being presented at the next meeting of the PPP central committee. For this no date has been given. On Sunday, Information Minister Kaira told Karachi Press Club that investigation was proceeding in the right direction and promised to expose the culprits soon. Unless the government fulfils the promise, the governments credibility will be seriously compromised.