Returning from Big Boss – ‘Throw eggs at Veena’ event on Facebook marks her return


LAHORE – If Veena Malik thought the Pakistani public was going to warm to her appearance on Big Boss then it appears she is in for a shock. Members of the public are already planning to mark her arrival by “throwing eggs at her,” which, apart from its increasing use to mark birthdays, appears to be a tradition for anyone who has purportedly ‘defamed’ Pakistan or Pakistani culture, neither of which are themselves ever coherently defined.
A confused value consensus:
The apparent value consensus which both projects Veena Malik as the upholder of Pakistani culture – and then defames her after putting her on the pedestal itself is raising its voice. The Facebook event appears to gain popularity day by day, even though it has been reported to have been taken down by Facebook authorities at least once.
The main page of the event on Facebook carries a photo of Veena Malik hugging Ashmit Patel lying down on a sofa, a moment aired during the Big Boss 4 transmissions and doing the rounds on YouTube. The event page declares the venue of the egg throwing to be Allamah Iqbal International Airport. How the purported ‘egg-throwers’ plan to get past the air tight airport security eggs loaded in their pockets remains to be seen.
Other pages such as “We hate Veena Malik” and “India We Took Sania Mirza, Can U Take Veena Malik” have also crept up on Facebook. After Veena’s recent elimination from the reality game show, the truth of the egging threats to Veena shall come out.
The rise of the moral brigade may be similar to how the Shiv Sena, a Hindu political party, threatened Big Boss producers to kick out Pakistani contestants which included Ali Saleem and Veena Malik. The Shiv Sena had staged a sit-in protest outside the Big Boss studios demanding that the Pakistani contestants be kicked out.
Controversy increased viewership:
While the moral brigade rises, it was in fact the allegedly controversial scenes and dialogues pitched by Veena Malik that increased viewership in Pakistan. But contrary to viewership logic, Veena Malik’s popularity graph appears to have witnessing a narrow plunge with the Big Boss controversies being the cause.
Those critical of Veena Malik accuse her of acting too ‘openly’ in the Indian game show which episodes on Big Boss showing ‘intimate’ scenes between Veena Malik and Ashmit Patel. Ashmit Patel is an Indian actor, who was alleged to have shot an MMS with a struggling female Indian artist who could not make it to the big screen.
“The topic of Ashmit’s MMS was openly discussed in Big Boss and it’s a pity that she does not realise that she is representing her country in the game show”, said Hamza Farukh, a student of UCL. He said that Veena had been involved in promiscuous scenes such as giving massages to Ashmit Patel, sleeping under one blanket and wearing swimming costume in poolside scenes. He said that he regularly watches the show online and the comments posted beneath the episodes by Indians cause him shame. “Not even the Indians like what she’s doing,
who is she doing it for then?, Firstly I thought that she was doing all this to sell her skills on the Indian screens which is her right being an artist, but she has crossed all limits”, he added.
Gone too far:
Asfand Rehman, a student of business administration, said Veena Malik is a Pakistani; and should should at least stop defaming other Pakistani celebrities on the show. He said that Veena Malik gossips a lot about other Pakistani celebrities like Muhammad Asif and Babrik Shah promoting a bad image of the country. Asfand said “Instead of saving the reputation of her country and individuals associated with the country, she has tried hard to defame everyone except of herself. Veena is not representing us, we disown her, he added.
Rabia Alam a student of LGS said, “It’s only a game and she’s trying to win in no matter what”. However she added that if anyone having a problem in watching her then they should stop watching the show.”
Problem solved it appears.