MMA’s component parties skeptical about Fazl’s actions


ISLAMABAD – The Jamaat-e-Islami (JI) Pakistan and other component parties of the Muttahida Majlis-e-Amal (MMA) are still skeptical about JUI-F’s future course of action and are reluctant to take any initiative for the revival of the six-party alliance unless the JUI-F quits parliament’s Kashmir committee and the CII chairmanship.
Sources in the MMA said on Saturday that top leadership of the alliance was unconvinced about Fazl’s political alignment after he quit the government at the centre and believed that the JUI-F departed from the coalition purely for “party gains”, not on moral grounds. There has been no formal contact between the component parties after the JUI-F quit the PPP-led government and no one is ready to take the initiative in this regard, a source in the JI said.
However, he added that the issue of MMA’s revival was likely to be taken up on the sidelines of the wedding ceremony of JI leader Liaqat Baloch’s son in Lahore on January 2. “The ceremony may turn into an informal dialogue session between the MMA leadership and the issue of the alliance’s revival will certainly come under discussion,” JI spokesman Fareed Paracha told Pakistan Today.
To a question, he said, “We are going slow on the issue as there are reservations among the leadership regarding Fazl’s attitude and his political decisions.” He said the JI leadership would meet on January 15 to discuss national politics, including the revival of MMA.