Lack of ethics


Ethics in journalism does have importance. It is what makes the journalist empowered to question anyone. If the journalist himself is not following the ethics, no one he interviews or questions is expected to follow it as well.

Recently, on a private TV channel, a well known anchor person touched the new low of journalism without ethics when he questioned a senior politician with such impunity as if he had been appointed an investigator of that particular politician and the politician was alleged to be a culprit or some kind of criminal.

The journalist in question was Mubashar Luqman while the victim was Senator Safdar Abbassi. I wonder why the anchor did not use any polite words and why his tone was so harsh on his guest. Even if there were some personal vendetta between the two, live programmes are not a place to settle them in any case.

This level of journalism has put many to shame working in the same field. His language was clearly objectionable while interviewing Senator Safdar Abbassi live on the issue of assassination of Benazir Bhutto. He totally over-stepped the limits which any anchorperson is supposed to observe.

The worst came when Mubashar Luqman asserted, Aap sab kuch bata dain gay jab aap ko Gawalmandi thanay kay hawalay kia jaye ga (You will reveal everything once handed over to Gawalmandi Police Sation), and, Aap Benazir kay qatal mein shamal hain (You are involved in the assassination of Benazir).

Such assertions and allegations, without any conclusive proof, speak volumes of the lack of journalistic acumen and common sense in Mubashar Luqman. He has become habitual of twisting the facts and strong-arming his guests in his programme. People like him are a real black sheep for the journalists community.

On the other hand, bravo to the Senator Safdar Abbassi who tolerated his stupid and misleading questions and did not react or got provocation in any way. The patience shown by him is praiseworthy whereas the behaviour of Mr Luqman needs to be reprimanded.