Is it a road to peace?


If waging war is an art, ending it would be a science. You exhaust yourself and create more enemies that broil you in the conflict in future, how would it end then? America has unfolded the broad contours of its review of Afghan policy. Against Bushs handling of Af-Pak, this time wisdom of Obamas policy will be judged as to how he brings the war on terror to a logical end.

Analysts believe that it is not simply a question of exit from Afghanistan, but how does the US do it, also matters a lot. Any messy conclusion of war will echo the US failure, tarnishing its image for years to come. The US exit, like Russian withdrawal from Afghanistan, will impinge another round of quagmire upon regional players interests and their stakes in Afghanistan.

Pursuing a clumsy exit strategy by leaving behind an atmosphere of hatred for Americans, tensions, imbalances and rifts between the regional states may just be one peril. On the other hand, if any down-the-surface game is played and faulty exit strategy is implemented, the US will get itself in another pitfall of policymaking. At the end of the day, the public will certainly ask if the US is today better secured than the pre-9/11 period. The cause for which American soldiers and citizens gave sacrifices will be in vain if the answer is in no.

The moral and ethical codes that governed this warfare for a decade have gradually loosened. These effects dovetail into what we call it today as “drone war”, where anything goes, down to the killing of thousands of un-warned civilians. Is it called a war strategy? This dirty war is political, deceptive and supremely manipulative. Often the last recourse of the weak and desperate, it uses any means available to level play the field.

This exit strategy is not a realistic one, it would create more problems for the US, Afghanistan and Pakistan, negatively affecting the US strategic interests in the region. Strategic wisdom, therefore, is to avoid conflicts and entanglements from which the war on terror sets off. In sequel of the Afghan policy review, America should ask regional players to sit on SAARC table, revisit unresolved issues and ease the US off the tension of terrorism ensuing security and peace for the world at large.

Give a chance to the allies and see how they show their sincerity with the US in foiling the wrath simmering against US for previous regimes mistakes. Obamas strategists must be constantly searching for a safe exit that has advantage over the futile operations. The neighbouring states of Afghanistan should play crucial role at this critical juncture and facilitate in an earnest desire to practically move towards the road to peace.