Fazl spills the beans – Gilani sabotaged Zardari’s efforts for reconciliation


ISLAMABAD – JUI-F chief Fazlur Rehman on Thursday accused Prime Minister Yousaf Raza Gilani of sabotaging President Asif Zardari’s efforts for reconciliation, a private TV channel reported.
“The PM sabotaged the reconciliation efforts and President Zardari should take action against him,” Fazl told reporters outside Parliament House after the NA session. Earlier in the National Assembly, Fazl launched an attack on the government for repeatedly failing to fulfil the commitments made with coalition partners.
“We could work together like friends but not as subjects of the government,” he said on a point of order, training his guns at the prime minister, who, he said had joined the PPP by parting ways with former prime minister Muhammad Khan Junejo. Fazl said his party remained part of the coalition for a long time, waiting for the prime minister to fulfil the commitments made with the JUI-F.
“Realizing that the government was not doing so, we had also given a two-month deadline to the government last year, but nothing positive came up … we want implementation of Islamic laws and Pakistan’s withdrawal from the US-led war on terror,” he said.
He said the JUI-F was assured by the president and the prime minister that its concerns would be addressed, but no promise was fulfilled. He said that the government was formulating defence and economic policies on the dictation of global masters.
“Parliament, after holding a joint crucial sitting, unanimously passed a resolution asking the government to review its policy on the war on terror and hold dialogue with militants to find a political solution to the issue in July 2008, but the government mocked the unanimous resolution and kept on toeing Musharraf’s footprints,” he added.
“Even today, US officials’ statements indicate that the government is taking dictation from foreigners to launch operation in the Tribal Areas,” he said.