LESCO issues bills at a short notice


LAHORE: Lahore Electric Supply Company (LESCO) delivered bills in majority of the city areas only two days before the due date, making it difficult for the consumers to pay bills in time, the consumers told Pakistan Today on Wednesday.
Consumers criticised the late delivery of utility bills and demanded from the company to extend the due date, as it was not possible for them to pay bills over such a short notice. The resident of different areas; Multan Road, Township, College Road, Wahdat Road, WAPDA Town, Johar Town and Gulberg received late bills.
Normally, the bills are generated on the 15th and 16th of every month and are delivered giving a margin of 10 days for paying the bills, with 25th or 26th being the due date. However, this month the consumers were given a short margin because not only that they were delivered late but the due date was 23rd as well. Consumers said that LESCO officials distributed bills late and often the consumers have only two days in paying the bill. “The bill distribution staff seldom bothers for delivering bills in time,” said a consumer Rasheed Ahmed of WAPDA Town, adding, “If the bill is generated on the 15th then it should be delivered maximum by 17th. We always get the bill on 21st or 22nd of every month and have only two days for paying the bill.”
Another consumer, Mukarram Khan of Township, said, “Normally, the last date of paying the bill is 25th or 26th but this month the date is 23rd and the bill was delivered just today (Wednesday).” He said it was not possible for the consumers to arrange money for the bill. Zulfiqar Elahi, another distressed consumer, said it was difficult for the people to visit the bank on a one-day notice. “The company should deliver bills at least five days before the due date,” he added. LESCO Public Relations Additional Director Javed Ahmed Khan was not available for comments.


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