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‘Help us find the WASA tanker’

LAHORE: Lahore Police on Monday finally sought public help for recovering the snatched Water and Sanitation Authority (WASA) tanker and issued the tanker’s picture to journalists. According to a press release issued from the Lahore Capital City Police Officer (CCPO) Aslam Tareen’s office, a WASA water tanker bearing registration number W-B-2, engine number 01053 and chassis number 47100199 was snatched by unidentified men from a WASA mini workshop located inside the Aziz Bhatti Town Administration office in Gowala Colony, Harbanspura.
According to the press release, unidentified men also took some uniforms of WASA officials during the armed robbery, which could be used by terrorists to carry out attacks, the press release said. Police also requested the general public to keep a vigilant look on activities of suspicious elements in their surroundings.
Citizens were also requested to keep an eye on motors and paint workshops, houses and markets. Police also requested citizens that if anyone saw the aforementioned truck, they should inform police on 15 emergency number or on the CCPO office numbers including 042-99200897, 99202113, 99201666 or 0300-8072793.
Police also assured the general public that names of informers would be kept secret and they would be awarded cash prizes. Lahore Police have already ordered the CIA to probe into the matter, as the water tanker could easily carry seven tonnes of explosives. Although Lahore Police recovered one WASA truck parked near the Ferozewala Interchange but it looks like that the accused left it there after considering it useless. According to sources, the truck recovered by police contained around 25 litres oil and could have been used in a terrorist attack.

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