No one is divorcing anyone: Liz Hurley


Oh dear, the Liz Hurley-Shane Warne story is becoming like grist to the gossip mills of the English press. Now they are saying that the Aussie bowler’s liaison with the “hoity-toity hotty-totty” is an “elaborate hoax” to publicize his chat show Down Under and revive her dismal Hollywood career… and if all Warnie is doing is “chatting” then Liz would be better off with floppy-haired Hugh Grant! Yes, and there’s further ignominy.
Cynics are questioning why an “instantly recognizable sportsman” and the “world’s worst actress” would choose to conduct an affair in two London restaurants frequented by paparazzi.
London bookies, taking bets on the third Ashes Test being played in Perth where Australia is floundering, are offering 6-4 odds that Liz and Warne spend Christmas together. Meanwhile, the actress and model, has now vehemently denied that her affair with Warne ended her marriage, declaring:
“No one is divorcing anyone yet!” Posting a message to her 50,000 followers on a social networking site, Liz said in irritation, “Bored now of silly speculations. No one is divorcing anyone yet, no one is fighting over money, and I have no plans to go to Australia. Enough!”