UK to aid citizens caught in terrorist attack


LONDON: The government will assist any British nationals affected by what it deems terrorist incidents abroad, reversing an earlier decision to only help those who had travel insurance, the Foreign Ministry said on Thursday.
Assistance measures include medical evacuation, payment of immediate medical expenses and repatriation.
“Acts of terrorism are singularly heinous crimes, usually targeting innocent people at random. It is right that all British victims of terrorist attacks overseas can receive the same level of support from the government,” Foreign Office Minister Jeremy Browne said in a statement.
Help will only be provided on a case-by-case basis as a last resort if no aid has been provided by the government or other agency in which the incident took place, the ministry said.
No assistance will be provided to those who travel to countries to which the ministry has advised against all travel.
In 2008, freelance film-maker Will Pike, 28, fell 50 feet from a window while trying to escape gunmen attacking the Mumbai hotel in which he was staying.
He has since been confined to a wheelchair and has campaigned for the government to assist victims of terrorism abroad.


  1. This is a good initiative taken by the Government. Overseas people who are affected by such hideous acts should be provided assistance so that they dont face problems in the future.

  2. Government should devise a strategy focusing on the people who are no longer involved in illegal activities.

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