RGST – an election ploy


It appears MQMs stand against RGST has been taken when extreme damage has already been. Inciting the public for a French Revolution now is a political ploy. Much to the satisfaction of their coalition masters they stay put in government in Centre and Sindh giving the necessary strength to PPP to do anything they want.

The country is facing its worst ever corruption, loot, plunder, unbridled profiteering, destruction of state corporations, unprecedented price hikes of daily articles, escalating tariffs and newer levies. The too frequent speeches of MQM leaders against RGST and taxing feudal landlords seem to be only vote slogans for cities outside Karachi to bite PPP vote bank in Sindh. Furthermore, the MQM should tell the nation of their stand on taxing the feudals and how much more billions will come to national treasury by levying taxes on them. They should know very well that about 70-80 percent land holdings of 12 acres already belong to small farmers. How much extra revenue these big farmers will generate?