Beefing up security


Police and other law enforcement agencies have finalized the security arrangements for Muharram. Considering the past few years, terrorists have targeted the Muharram processions and gatherings. In light of these incidents, the law enforcement agencies have said that they have improved the overall security plans and hope to avoid such incidents this year. Muharram has always been a month of respect and even before Islam, it was not allowed to fight during this month.

These terrorist who use the name of Islam and target the innocent Muslims are shameless and have no regard for the religion. In reality they are pursuing their own goals and are bluffing the innocent people who support their ideology. I believe individual effort from all citizens of this society will help build up intra-faith harmony that is required more than ever.

Supporting the law enforcers in this regard would help make the security plan fool proof. Local people should also be involved in identification of people entering and leaving the processions so that suspected persons can be identified.