‘Slumdog’ Pinto not known in Mumbai slums


LONDON: Freida Pinto may have become globally famous with her role in `Slumdog Millionaire` but she was surprised to find out that no one recognised her when she visited the slums of Mumbai recently. The Mumbai-born actress visited the slums with an NGO and was surprised to find that no-one knew her, an Indian magazine reported. “People in the city recognise me as the girl from `Slumdog Millionaire`, and inevitably they stare. But when I visited the slums with an NGO, nobody recognised me at all. I didn’t mind,” Pinto said.
However, the 26-year-old actress insisted that people often become confused when they meet her co-star Dev Patel as they are still in the notion that he is a millionaire in real life, as his alter-ego Jamal Malik in the Oscar-winning movie. “As for Dev, they hounded him, calling him ‘crorepati’, which means millionaire.
Everyone needs entertainment, so I’m very glad the film reached them,” she said. Despite her success, the `Miral` star claims she is known as a person who loves to chill out in her pyjamas when she is with her family in Mumbai. “I generally used my time in Mumbai to unwind, so unless there’s anything important, I’ll be in my pyjamas the entire day, reading papers and watching movies,” she added.