Police balks at implementing court orders


LAHORE: Lahore police has showed no compliance to 1200 orders passed by different session courts during the last one year regarding registration of contempt of court cases against several police officials on the charges of disobeying court orders.
Despite implementation of the Police Order 2000, as many as 76 police stations and their respective SHOs in Lahore are not ready to implement court orders properly. They are found using delaying tactics in providing justice to the people on court instructions.
During the last one year police has not registered a single contempt case against any SHO on the orders of court. Another reason behind this attitude adopted by police is that, in spite of passing such orders Additional District and Session Judge (ADSJ) is not as powerful as a judge of high court is. He is not able to make his orders implemented.
The police staff behaves like obstinate child before courts and out side the court, they do not, or produces un-complete police record; they deliberately create hurdles in court proceedings by using delaying tactics as they do not produce accused in time, they do not serve the notice or summons properly and they do not reply the show-cause notices issued by the courts.
Police willingly prefer the police station instead of the court and try to settle the disputes at police station instead of forwarding it to the courts for trial.
In this regard police used to summon both the parties (complainant and accused) to find out the facts. In this way they pressurise the poor party and submit their finding in favour of the strong. This attitude is creating gulf between police and courts, this is not only causing the cases to pile up in courts but damaging the image of the court too, as the courts so not have power to get their orders implemented.
Due to non-cooperative attitude of low-ranked police officers towards courts, the judicial system is at stake, because courts are dependent on police departments to get their orders implemented while on the other side, the police is not ready to give the due honor to courts.