Korean dog gives intelligence agencies the runaround


KARACHI: A Korean dog has kept officials from the intelligence agencies and Civil Aviation Authority (CAA) on the runaround since Thursday – first to locate him and then to feed him.
“The dog, Mind Reader, travelled all the way from Seoul Korea, landed in Afghanistan, and then arrived in Karachi on Thursday,” sources privy to the matter told Pakistan Today. A Pakistan International Airlines (PIA) aircraft had been chartered by NATO forces to transport a unit of the South Korea army from Seoul to Bagram in Afghanistan. While others were successfully transferred, one soldier was left behind: the unit’s dog. Korean airline authorities hurriedly sent an e-mail to their Pakistani counterparts after the Korean military realised that Mind Reader was missing.
“Please urgently check (with your crew) if it has been unloaded or skipped,” wrote John H. Hung of the Krasel Air Agency. “Pakistan intelligence agencies cordoned off the Jinnah terminal on Friday and assumed charge to search for Mind Reader,” sources said. The dog was ultimately found in his cage from the plane that had been chartered, sources added.
Intelligence personnel are now working around the clock with other Civil Aviation Authority (CAA) officials to look after the dog, sources said. Korean authorities have sent a diet chart for the dog to the Pakistani government, with strict instructions to follow directives to the tee.
Sources said that Mind Reader is being treated as a missing combatant in the war on terror, and top government officials in Islamabad have now taken responsibility for his guardianship.
“The federal government along with intelligence agencies sent the dog to Islamabad on Sunday onboard a PIA flight,” sources said, explaining that Mind Reader will now be flown to Kabul and then to Bagram. Pakistan intelligence agencies are providing security to the Korean dog. The dog will be escorted by intelligence agencies until it is given to its rightful owners.