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Pakistani crew detains ship over wage default

KARACHI: The Pakistani crew of a vessel named Glory, operated from Dubai, assumed control the ship, taking exception to the nonpayment of their wages by its Iraqi owner.
The ship has been detained at Karachi Port for more than two weeks under the admiralty law, sources told Pakistan Today. Sources further revealed that this particular case is to be resolved in local courts, while the crew has conducted the takeover of the ship.
The owner of the ship has arranged bank guarantees for two crew members. This has not gone down well among the crew since every crewmember can literally ‘arrest’ the ship according to his rights as per law, sources informed. According to the law, first prerogative granted is to the government to impound any vessels for non-payment of dues. The crew is second in line in claiming the right to ‘arrest’ the ship over wage default, sources added.
When contacted, Director General Ports and Shipping Hassan Zaidi said the owner of the ship had contacted the DG office for the resolution of the dispute but indicated that the authorities were disinclined to intervene in the matter which it regarded as a dispute between the owner and the captain of the vessel.
The lawyer of the owner is apparently advocating an out of court settlement, claiming that the owner has already paid the wages of the crew. The dues are presently held with the agent of the ship in Karachi, he added.

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