China opens Islamabad-Kashgar air cargo route


BEIJING: Ahead of Chinese Premier Wen Jiabao’s visit to Pakistan, Beijing has inaugurated the first air cargo route linking Islamabad with border town Kashgar, in northwest Xinjiang province.
The cargo service operates once a week and the frequency will be increased to daily flights depending on freight volume, said an official from Kashgar, which is a known as Kashi Prefecture Government. Kashgar is an oasis town east of the Taklamakan Desert and a trading hub along the ancient Silk Route that connected China to Europe.
China, in recent years is seeking to develop Xinjiang, home to Muslim majority Uighurs, as a major trade and transport hub because it is located near the borders of Pakistan, Uzbekistan, Kyrgyzstan, Afghanistan and India.
The cargo air route is expected to enhance commercial and trade relations between China and Pakistan, and is considered beneficial for people and enterprises in both countries, said Wang, an official from Kashgar. Until now, cargo shipped between China and Pakistan had mostly travelled by truck.
However, due to severe climate and geographical factors, the closest border crossing is closed each year from the end of December to May. Wen Jiabao, who would be visiting India on December 15, is scheduled to go to Islamabad on December 17.


  1. The cargo flight was operated by Rayyan Air Pvt ltd- Pakistan. whihc has its head Office in Islamabad. The company presented a comprehensive logistics programm covering the entire region- China to Central Asia. Middle east. Africa and indian subcontinent.
    The initiative taken by the company chief executive to assist Kahghar govenrment in promoting regional and international trades through this historical routing would go a long way in strengthening brotherly ties between the two nations and increasing trade volume in the region.

    We all wish Rayyan Air team well.

    Kashghar Trade Association.

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