Around a potter’s wheel


LAHORE: In the world of synthetic materials, a regular potter of Chungi Amr Sadhu trots his way around the city with his clay creations. His earthen pots not only embed in them the plight of these proletarian potters but somehow also reflect on our long lost heritage.
From the experienced old to the dreamful young, the bread of the members of this small scaled industry swirls around the potters’ wheel. Each pair of steady but unsatisfied muddy hands on each revolution tells the story of forgotten potters, whose only spirits now reside in these pots.
From the clay firming till painting the artefact, the potter’s concern is now confused. For the potter that once worked for the sake of his art and his art’s lovers, now aims at producing cheap quantities that will earn him some coppers.
The demand for these pots is high enough to ensure these potters’ physical survival, but the question for their spirit’s survival is still unanswered.
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