Policemen arrested for kidnapping drug dealer


FAISALABAD: In a case of abuse of police authority, three policemen were arrested for kidnapping a drug dealer who was recovered later from their custody. CIA SP Ahmed Nasir Virk narrates that he raided a hotel where the accused Ashraf Gujjar, a CIA constable posted at Makkuana, had come to collect ‘monthly tip’ from a notorious drug dealer Ramzan alias Jani, a resident of Factory Area.
Both the constable and the dealer were arrested by the police and during the interrogation, it was revealed that Ashraf, Head Constable Pervez and CIA ASI Sana Ullah had kidnapped a drug dealer, named Saeed Khan Pathan, who arrived from Khyber Pakhtunkhwa to deliver 1500 grams of heroin to the local dealer Jani, who is also in police custody.
Jani wanted to double cross Saeed and thus laid down a trap in connivance with Ashraf, Pervez and Sana Ullah. When Saeed arrived in Faisalabad with the heroin’s consignment, he was arrested by the three policemen from Green Town along with the drug.
The dealer offered them a bribe of Rs 100,000 for his release without registration of case and return of the captured drug. The police party demanded Rs 200,000 without returning back the captured drug. The negotiations continued and the accused policemen instead of taking the smuggler to a police station for registration of case took him to Ashraf’s house in Mandi Quarters at Samundary Road and locked him inside a room and forced him to pay the ransom for his release. Saeed asked his kidnappers to allow him a call so that his friend may bring money for his release.
He talked to one of his friend who was the gunman of an SP and asked him to save his life by bringing the matter to the SP’s notice; his telephonic conversation was in Pushto so the kidnappers did not get a clue. The SP spoke to his counterpart in Faisalabad, CIA SP Ahmed Nasir Virk, and provided him the details that led to the Ashraf’s arrest. CIA police later raided his house and recovered Saeed and arrested him under drug smuggling charges and shifted to Makkuana Centre for interrogation.
HONOUR KILLNG; TRACES: A teenage couple who had contracted marriage against their families’ consent were showered with bullets by the girl’s family members. The bride, 17-years-old Musarrat Bibi, and her 18-years-old groom, Zafar Iqbal, are recovering at the Allied Hospital. Zafar, a resident of Chak No 235 J B Sathoi Wala, says Musarrat’s family attacked them to avenge the act against their consent.
He said they had court married few a months ago and while they were at sleeping at their Dera, unidentified gunmen opened fire at them and escaped. Both of them have bullet injuries in their legs but their overall condition is stable.
ASI CAUGHT RED HANDED FOR TAKING BRIBE: An ASI who demanded Rs 11,000 from the complainant to arrest the accused was caught red handed by Anti Corruption Unit while taking the money. The complainant Israr Ahmed, a resident of Chak No 163 R B, informed Anti Corruption Faisalabad director that he had lodged a criminal case at Chak Jhumra Police Station against his opponent and had pleaded ASI Ghulam Qadir to arrest the accused, but the ASI was demanding Rs 11,000 to arrest the accused.
Anti Corruption director deputed Inspector Malik Javed Iqbal to accompany the complainant and investigate the charges. Israr then called the ASI to collect money at a place outside Chak Jhumra Police Station and while the ASI was taking cash amount of Rs. 7,000 and was about to keep it in his pocket, the Inspector Malik and his colleagues in civil dress, who were watching the transaction, swooped at the ASI and arrested him and took hold of the money.
MOBILE PHONE COMPANY’S SATTELITE TOWER RANSACKED: A mobile phone service in the parts of Chak Jhumra was disrupted after the service provider company’s satellite tower was raided by thieves who stole batteries worth Rs 320,000. Chief security officer of the company told the police that their satellite tower located at Chak No 188 R B was raided by thieves.
Three thieves arrived in a white car and introduced themselves as company’s engineers and told the guard that they had come to fix the non functional batteries. The guard gave them access to the site where they removed the batteries and fled.