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Students, police turn PA courtyard into battlefield

LAHORE: The Punjab Assembly courtyard turned into a battlefield on Wednesday when students from various government educational institutions trespassed four security barricades in an attempt to enter assembly premises and even tried pulling down the main door of the Punjab Assembly.
The students, led by the Joint Action Committee of Punjab Professors and Lecturers Association (PPLA), were protesting against the privatisation of public schools and colleges outside the Punjab Assembly, blocking The Mall for hours. However, the situation got out of hand when some of the students tried to enter the assembly building.
The security lapse by Punjab Police, as well as assembly sergeants, was evident as the protesting students not only breached security checkposts, but also brawled with security personnel in the assembly courtyard. Consequently, police resorted to a baton-charge in order to disperse the students, who then started pelting stones at the personnel and the assembly building.
Enraged by the severe baton-charge, the students went on a rampage, destroying security cameras, walk through gates, security barriers and furniture placed at the entrance of the assembly. The students also resorted to vandalism, damaging three vehicles parked outside the Punjab Assembly as well as traffic posts and signals.
Two of the damaged vehicles belonged to MPAs Zamurad Yasmin and Ijaz Kahlo. The students also damaged two buses of private companies and even tried to set them on fire. However, no assembly member bothered to step outside to talk to the demonstrators during the protest.
Meanwhile, security sources said Civil Lines Police SHO arrested 14 protesters and registered cases against them. On the other hand, enraged by the loss to their vehicles and public property, MPAs demanded the suspension of Lahore CCPO.

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