PM for better world approach to fighting terror


ANKARA: Fighting terrorism requires a comprehensive approach and a joint strategy by the international community, Prime Minister Yousaf Raza Gilani said on Tuesday.
“Terrorism is a phenomenon that knows neither faith nor frontier. In our region, it has roots in the cold war dynamics of the last century… its reach is both global and regional. No state can address this menace alone nor will military means suffice as confronting it requires a concerted, comprehensive and coordinated approach by the international community,” he said while addressing the Turkish Grand National Assembly.
Prime Minister Gilani said that Pakistan was facing the threat of terrorism and extremism. “Our citizens and valiant soldiers have rendered countless sacrifices in this fight against terrorism,” he said, expressing Pakistani nation’s resolve of never surrendering before the militants.
Paying tributes to former prime minister Benazir Bhutto, who lost her life in a senseless terrorist act, Gilani quoted her saying,” We are prepared to risk our lives, but we are not prepared to surrender this great nation to militants.” He said Pakistan’s strategic priority was socio-economic development.
“We have undertaken a process of far-reaching economic reforms. We are also engaged in promoting intra-regional and trans-regional development cooperation,” he said, adding that the people of Pakistan and Turkey always stood shoulder to shoulder.
“We have taken united stand in our independence struggles and have helped each other whenever natural catastrophes have befallen on our countries … we rejoice in our successes and share our sorrows.”
He referred to the Turkish prime minister’s address to Pakistani parliament last year and said the people of Pakistan valued the time-tested bonds and the extensive cooperation between the two brotherly countries in the fields of trade, commerce, defence and security, energy, infrastructure development, education and culture.