Flood victims’ misery knows no end


KARACHI: Flood survivors, particularly pregnant women are forced to return in camps instead of staying in their flood-ravaged villages in Sindh, according to the data collected by Pakistan Today.
“The floods have destroyed Basic Health Units (BHUs) in rural areas, leaving people with no option but to go back to camps near bigger cities. Hospitals, those left standing, are unable to handle the sheer number of cases that have descended upon them,” said Azra Memon, president of the Nari Development Organisation, a Johi-based non-governmental organisation (NGO).
“Some international and local NGOs had set up medical camps for the displaced families. These provided some relief to pregnant survivors. Other NGOs were transporting more complicated cases to district hospitals as well. Back home, however, the survivors have no health care facility,” she said.
“I have returned home to try and get things back on track as best as I can, but I’ve sent my wife back to the camp near Hyderabad. She is eight months pregnant at the moment; my mother, younger brother and his wife have accompanied her,” said Muhammad Alam, a small landowner from a village in Dadu. “Many others from my area have done the same.”
Alam’s wife, on the other hand, would rather have stayed home. “In the village, we have women who can take care of these issues,” she said on phone. “We’re not sure when the baby is due. How long am I supposed to remain homeless?”
Human Rights Commission of Pakistan member Veerji Kolhi said, “If you take a look at the flood-stricken areas now, you’ll feel like you’ve come back in time at least 500 years. In our villages, people aren’t always sure about the exact date of delivery and many pregnant women have died recently trying to get to a hospital in emergency,” Kolhi added.
“Roads have been destroyed, the transport system has not been restored, and the local BHUs are completely non-functional,” he said adding that the level of devastation is astounding, while rehabilitation efforts have only just begun and bullock carts are the only transport currently operational in the area.
German Consulate holds charity concert
KARACHI: The German Consulate in Karachi on Tuesday organised a musical concert to help the flood victims by collecting funds and donating the proceeds for rehabilitation of the flood-hit families. The acting German Consul General Dieater Freunt said that it was a token of their concern that they undertook to help those in need.
The participating artists had handed over their fees as donations while many philanthropists had provided monetary and material assistance. The collected amount would be handed over to the association for human development, and Indus resource center for tents, blankets and children’s winter clothing. The musical evening was a cultural fusion of classical and modern music.
The well renowned German pianist Andreas Kern and guitarist Amir Zaki amused the audience with their outstanding performances. Andreas Keen and Amir Zaki presented solo and joint pieces which were unique blend of the East and the West. The German Consul Dieater Freunt at the end thanked the people for the donations and the musician for their presentation.
He said though it was an individual efforts yet it had managed to draw the people to play their role in rehabilitation of the flood victims. He said Rs 1.4 million had been raised and would be handed over to two NGOs. Staff Report