PCSIR working to overcome energy crisis: chairman


ISLAMABAD: Pakistan Council for Scientific and Industrial Research (PCSIR) is working at the Thar Coal project in order to overcome the energy crises in the country.
Chairman PCSIR Dr Shaukat Pervez stated that PCSIR is also planning to produce gas from coal on a larger scale and work on this project will commence within two weeks. Furthermore, he mentioned that the Institute of Fuel Technology of PCSIR is already producing gas from coal on a small scale.
Designs to produce diesel from gas have also been finalised.
Replying to a question Dr Shaukat Pervez said PCSIR is one of the premier research and development institutions in the country with a commendable record in the field of applied research. “We have every intention to improve the working of the institute”, he added.
He indicated that PCSIR and FC College (FCC) recently signed a MOU which envisages mutually beneficial collaboration between the two institutions in human resource development and research and development. The two institutes will conduct joint research projects and hold joint seminars, workshops and training courses he said, adding PCSIR will also undertake to provide internships for FCC students in its laboratories.
In response to a question he said the financial support provided by Higher Education Commission (HEC) and Ministry of Science and Technology (MoST) to students will be shared between the two institutions in proportion to their contribution.
Dr Shaukat Pervez said that laboratories of PCSIR have a tradition of assisting academic institutions by providing facilities to postgraduate and doctoral students.


  1. The only way to produce Syn Gas from Thar Lignite is first get it mined to bring it surface through open pit mining and then convert it to syn gas. This process should not be confused with Underground Coal Gasification Process.

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