No batting coach as war of egos heats up


LAHORE: The Pakistan Cricket Board is waiting for a reply from former captain Javed Miandad regarding his acceptance of the job as batting consultant, as the war of words between Miandad and coach Waqar Younis heats up.
Pakistan team’s head coach Waqar Younis, who is in Sydney, made it loud and clear that he would remain in charge and Miandad’s role would be restricted to batting consultant. However, Miandad on Friday warned Waqar to be careful while choosing his words.
“I think Waqar should realize my stature as a player and director general of cricket in the PCB before making any such comments. He should also realize that we are both employees of the Board and not allowed to make such statements against each other. I can easily enough get a show cause notice issued to him for his remarks,” Miandad said.
He also made it clear that he had turned down the offer from the Board in a letter sent to the Board Chairman Ijaz Butt, since he couldn’t work under the supervision of Waqar, who had played under him and was much junior to him. After making him an offer, the Board sent another agreement letter to Miandad outlining the terms and conditions under which he would work in the Pakistan team on the New Zealand tour.
While welcoming the PCB move to approach Miandad, Waqar, however, made it clear that he was fine as long as Miandad’s role did not clash with his as head coach.
“I will send players to him whenever he wants them. He can work on their technique and sort out their difficulties. But when it comes to match strategy, that’s my job,” Younis said.


  1. Despite the apparent warmth, a careful read reflects caveats between the lines. The aid, much needed by Pakistan, would flow but it would only be determined by the outcome of the October 23 talks

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