WikiLeaks and RGST


I would request the public and media not to relegate the issue of RGST which will usher the tyranny of new price hikes. Coupled with unchecked and unbridled rampant corruption in the last three years under present coalition rulers, the life of 170 million people living on or below poverty line would be further crushed to pieces.

I would, therefore, suggest that current media blitz on WikiLeaks concerning Pakistan and its leaders should not take away media and public focus from the merciless butchering of the poor by RGST to obviate the horrendous corruption and incompetence. Allow me to say a word on PPPs ‘Youm-e-Tasis’. I would request the PPP leadership to catch the murderers of Benazir even if they belong to any political clout within or outside and also the target killers of innocent Pakistanis.