Revolution talk


The politics in Pakistan seems to be carried out in words only. The politicians claim something one day and then switch to another the very next day. If anything else fails, they fall back to the rhetoric of revolution. Actually, they do not even understand the mechanisms of revolutions. This is what makes the situation completely ironic.

Just look at the claims of revolution by the PTI leader. Exactly what kind of a revolution is he proposing? Would it be the one where the Taliban are allowed to roam free and spread terror? Or would it be the kind where no other leader ever comes onto the national political scene?

Same can be said for the PML(N) leaders as well who have done nothing to help the poor and have stood in the way of every developmental move by the government. They are the ones under whose governance minorities are being persecuted in the name of religion.

Meanwhile, the public is awaiting the so oft-repeated revolution in real life.