Dehumanised public


Decomposed bodies retrieved from a filthy nullah in a God forsaken area in Pishin symbolizes the degeneration of humanity and the protracted indifference of the government that is busy striking underhand deals of the gold and copper that actually belongs to our public, the return of which should be spent on the future of our youth.

Despite such grotesque episodes of brutality, as if the government itself is an accomplice of the enemy, the public is left to gradually rot away, dehumanized, stripped naked of the essential adornments of self esteem and self respect without which they cannot be defined at any level which is a stark reversal of the concept of self actualization that Allama Iqbal had presented.

Id just like to ask why we are tolerating the ignominy of sinking to such degradation at the hands of a mob that is equally human as we are with similar weaknesses. Why are we silent? Why is every debate in Pakistan a zero sum effort? Is a change not required? What are we doing wrong?


Michigan, USA